Travel Insurance

We take your trek and tour safety very seriously. Therefore, it is paramount that you take out travel insurance with a reputable and reliable travel insurance company that can cover you in the event of an emergency on the Kokoda Trail and in Papua New Guinea (PNG). We highly recommend QBE’s International Travel Plan C  because the plan covers you for the Pacific and PNG including the Kokoda Trail for the following which is what you need:

  • Hospitalisation;
  • Immediate medical evacuation (medevac); and
  • Repatriation

There’s nothing wrong with taking out travel insurance with another insurance provider, but confirm with them that they comprehensively cover you in the event of an emergency whilst on the Kokoda Trail and in PNG.

Some Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Taking Out Travel Insurance

  • How many days am I covered for? It’s important to determine the number of consecutive days you are covered for. Limits vary with different providers and you don’t want to go over a day and find out your insurance is invalid.
  • Does it cover me for the destination I’m travelling to? It may sound suck eggs but again policies vary, and you maybe caught out if you don’t know what you’re looking for. For example, QBE’s “International Travel Plan C” covers all destinations in PNG including the Kokoda Trail, while others won’t do Kokoda.
  • Do I have any pre-existing medical condition? Don’t think I won’t declare any of this so I can keep the cost down. Your travel insurance claim can be invalid if you haven’t declared this. We must tell you now, the travel insurer has the right to access your medical records.
  • What is my limit on claims? Make sure you know how much you’ll be able to claim back should anything unforeseen happens. Don’t be left in despair if you find out you’re not covered for what you’re claiming for.
  • Why will the insurer not cover me? Simple! Personal negligence, anything not backed-up by evidence, and if it’s drug and alcohol-related.
  • What about cancellations? Make sure you’re covered if you need to cancel your trip if you fall ill for example. Always ask your insurer if you’re unsure.