5 Days
Physical Rating
Kokoda, Papua New Guinea, Tufi, Papua New Guinea
February- November


If you’re not fully into trekking but after a short tour of the historical Kokoda Track followed by an adventurous tropical break, this Tufi getaway tour will do just that for you. Tour Port Moresby, Bomana War Cemetery, and other areas of military significance.

Follow soon after with a flight to Popondetta, and take the trip by road to Kokoda for tours of the Kokoda and Deniki battle sites. Trek to Deniki where you get the opportunity to camp for the night, connect with nature, and relax at the foot of the gigantic mountains of the Owen Stanley’s, which offer some of the most panoramic and breathtaking views in the world. The next day, return to Kokoda for the journey back to the airport, and on to Tufi for another three days of scuba diving bliss. Tufi is one of Papua New Guinea’s popular diving destinations with colorful coral gardens, superb visibility, and excellent wreck dives that lure divers from right across the globe.

DESTINATION Port Moresby, Kokoda, Tufi
TOUR TYPE Recreational
TOUR LEADER Papua New Guinean
EXPERT GUIDE Papua New Guinean
TRAVEL DURATION 2-Days (Transit Holiday Inn Express/Holiday Inn, Port Moresby)
WEAR See Plan Your Trip

What’s Included

  • Trek Permit with Kokoda Track Authority.
  • Bilingual PNG tour leader.
  • Experienced PNG tour guide.
  • Battle site and areas of military significance tours and commentaries.
  • Safety and security plan.
  • Daily safety and administrative briefs.
  • Medevac plan.
  • Kokoda trek fitness plan.
  • Pre-tour health and medical check plan.
  • Satellite, mobile and radio communications.
  • First aid support (trained attendant and complete kit).
  • Staff Reception and airport transfers in Port Moresby.
  • Transit hotel accommodation in Port Moresby (Holiday Inn Express /Holiday Inn).
  • Transit hotel buffet dinner and breakfast.
  • Domestic flight pre, mid, and post-tour (Port Moresby-Popondetta, Popondetta-Tufi, and Tufi-Port Moresby)’
  • Road transport to drop-off and pickup point (Port Moresby-Owers’ Corner-Port Moresby, and Popondetta- Kokoda-Popondetta).
  • Buddy system for trek safety (porter per trekker).
  • Guesthouse and campsite landowner fees.
  • Village guesthouse accommodation and campsites (tent carried by porter).
  • Food and equipment porters.
  • Trek rations and camping supplies.
  • Cooking and meals.
  • Delicious and nutritious western-style and local meals.
  • Water resupply plan and procedure.
  • Daily situational trek updates.
  • Free souvenir Kokoda t-shirt and cap.

What’s Not Included

  • Travel insurance.
  • Visa and passport costs.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Baggage cost.
  • Spending money.
  • Local museum fees.

Travel Prerequisites

  • Trip – book your trip by browsing through our list of tours on this site.
  • Travel itinerary – have a return international travel itinerary. If you’ve included flights with your booking, we’ll handle this for you.
  • Passport – have a valid passport; if not contact your local passport office for assistance.
  • Visa – PNG has visa on arrival for Australian tourists but you can apply here in Australian by lodging your application in person or by registered mail with the PNG consular offices in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane or Cairns.
  • Travel insurance – have travel insurance to cover you in case of an emergency. We highly recommend QBE’s Travel C plan otherwise go with a travel insurer who can cover you on the Kokoda Track and in PNG.
  • Medical – see your GP or family doctor to be deemed medically fit to complete the Kokoda Track and be protected against Malaria and other tropical illnesses.
  • Fitness – you must be physically fit and in good health to do Kokoda. This doesn’t apply to non-trekking tours.
  • Diet – inform us if you have specific dietary requirements, for instance if you’re on a gluten-free diet.
  • Travel – email us copies of your travel documents i.e. passport (only front page that has your photo ID and pers details), completed medical form, travel insurance, and travel itinerary.

You can Contact Us if you need assistance to Plan Your Trip

Optional extras

  • International flights – to and from Moresby ex Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth or Darwin.
  • Personal Porter – highly recommended for all Kokoda treks if you’re not super fit.
  • Accommodation – supplement for an extra night at the hotel in Port Moresby pre-tour or post tour.
  • Photos – capture your tour moments with photographs.
  • Videos – capture your tour moments on a video (N/A).
  • Photos & videos – capture your tour moments with photos and a video (N/A).

Day 1: Bomana War Cemetery – McDonald’s Corner - Owers’ Corner – Port Moresby (approx. 8 hours)


After breakfast, we leave either the Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express, and travel by road to tour Bomana War Cemetery, the largest war cemetery in the Pacific area. After visiting the cemetery, we continue to Owers’ Corner, the drop-off point of the Kokoda Trail. Enroute, we stop and tour McDonald’s Corner, the original road head of the Kokoda Trail in World War II, from where many soldiers set off for battle for the first time over the Owen Stanley Range. Owers’ Corner is named after Captain Noel ‘Jerry’ Owers, a surveyor with the New Guinea Volunteer Rifles, who was given the impossible task of surveying a road over the Owen Stanley’s. Australian engineers cut from McDonald’s Corner, which continued past Owers’ Corner, and zigzagged its way down to Goldie River before the impossibility of the task was soon realised and work stopped. After a tour of Owers’ Corner, we travel down to the Sogeri plateau and tour areas of military significance i.e. Base Depot Kokoda Track Monument, the New Guinea Force School of Signals at Iarowari High School, and 113th Australian Convalescent Depot at Sogeri National High School, before stopping at Sogeri Lodge for lunch. After lunch, we head back to Port Moresby then stop at Port Moresby Nature Park to visit PNG’s zoological and botanical gardens and for coffee before heading back to the hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner


Day 2: Port Moresby – Popondetta – Kokoda – Deniki (approx. 8 hours)

After breakfast, we travel to the airport where we catch our flight into Popondetta, gateway to the battle sites of the Kokoda Campaign, and Battle of the Beachheads at Gona, Sanananda, and Buna. On our arrival, we are welcomed by a traditional sing-sing group, before travelling by road to Kokoda. Enroute, we stop briefly at Wairopi which spans the infamous Kumusi River where we tell you a bit about the skirmishes and battles in the area. Awala is where the first shots were fired, marking the beginning of the Kokoda Campaign, and Wairopi is where withdrawing Australians came into contact with the advancing Japanese early in the campaign. Oivi-Gorari were also sites of skirmishes, and later the site of a fierce and bloody Battle of Oivi-Gorari, where over a thousand Australians, before the Japanese were driven back to the beachheads of Buna-Gona.  Kokoda is the site of the First Battle of Kokoda, and the Second Battle of Kokoda, at the start of the campaign. Kokoda was strategically important for the Allies because it had the only airstrip between Port Moresby and the beachheads of Gona and Buna. In Kokoda, we take a guided tour of the battle site before taking an adventurous day trek to Deniki.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner


Day 3: Deniki – Kokoda – Tufi (approx. 0.5 hours)

After a fabulous night camping at Deniki at the foot of the towering Owen Stanley’s, enjoying the outdoor, and learning a bit about the Battle of Deniki, we make the return journey to Kokoda for the trip by back to Popondetta’s Guria Airport to meet our flight to Tufi. On our arrival, we met by a traditional sing-sing group before moving into our wonderful boutique accommodation at the Tufi Resort, home to USN Patrol Torpedo (PT) Boat base in WW2. We spend the afternoon preparing ourselves for our diving or fishing if we are fishing the following day before relaxing with a few cold drinks at the bar while we enjoy scenic views of the majestic Tufi fjordland. The rest of day follows with dinner and rest for tomorrow’s activities.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner


Day 4: Tufi (approx. 8 hours)

The whole day today will be spent exploring and experiencing Tufi’s marine biodiversity, whether it’s scuba diving for explore unchartered reefs and war relics teeming with marine life, or fishing for Red Emperor’s, Dogtooth Tuna’s, Yellowfin Tuna’s, Wahoo’s, Trevally’s, Spanish Mackerel’s, Barracuda’s or Mangrove Jack’s. Those unable to scuba dive or fish can snorkel. The dive may consists of an Outer Reef Dive, a Wharf Dive, and a Night Dive. The fishing will either be Pelagic Fishing or Estuary Fishing. A separate itinerary is provided by Tufi Resort at the time of booking for the preferred activities and includes boat, boat operators, dive masters, scuba equipment, fishing gear, and lines and rods. Refreshments and meals for the day will be arranged.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner


Day 5: Tufi – Port Moresby (approx. 1 hour)

Today, our tour comes to end so we pack our bags and prepare to fly back to Port Moresby. We take the short journey over to Tufi airstrip where we catch our flight back to Port Moresby. On our arrival, we are met by the hotel bus and transferred to our accommodation at either the Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express, where we spend a night before leaving PNG the next day.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

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