10-Day Kokoda Corporate Trek (KKD-OC)

(KOKODA – OWERS’ CORNER) This Kokoda corporate trek is a physically and mentally demanding fun-filled adventure in the footsteps of Australian military
10 Days
10 days military history trek
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10-Day Kokoda Military History Trek (KKD-OC)

(KOKODA – OWERS’ CORNER) Trek the entire Kokoda Trail from Kokoda to Owers’ Corner, following the path of the Australian fighting withdrawal
10 Days
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10-Day Kokoda Military History Trek (OC-KKD)

(OWERS’ CORNER - KOKODA) This ideal and popular military history slow trek will take you from Owers’ Corner in the south to
10 Days

10-Day Kokoda Veterans’ Trek (OC-KKD)

(OWERS’ CORNER - KOKODA) This Kokoda veterans’ trek provides an outdoor excursion for veteran’s’ looking for a transformational experience on the Kokoda
10 Days

12-Day Kokoda Tufi Getaway Trek & Tour (OC-KKD-TFI)

(OWERS’ CORNER – KOKODA - TUFI) Join this popular trip and you’ll be well on your way to trek Kokoda and dive
12 Days
Leisurely, Tough

5-Day Kokoda Extreme Trek (OC-KKD)

 (OWERS’ CORNER- KOKODA) This Kokoda extreme trek is for the extremely fit who want to push their physical boundaries in completing the
5 Days