10-Day Kokoda Schoolies Trek (OC-KKD)

(OWERS’ CORNER - KOKODA) Kokoda Schoolies trek is a specifically tailored trek for Australian high schools who want to do Kokoda during
10 Days

10-Day Kokoda Trail Seniors Trek (OC-KKD)

(OWERS’ CORNER - KOKODA) If you’re over 55 and think I can't complete a Kokoda Trail tour, then you’re mistaken, because you
10 Days

12-Day Kokoda Military History Beachheads Trek & Tour (OC-KKD-SDA)

(OWERS’ CORNER - KOKODA - SANANANDA) Take this Kokoda Trail slow trek and tour and cover the history of the entire Kokoda
12 Days
Challenging, Leisurely

12-Day Kokoda Rabaul Expeditions Trek & Tour (KKD-OC-RAB)

(KOKODA – OWERS' CORNER - RABAUL) This fantastic Kokoda Trail trek and Rabaul tours covers the Kokoda Campaign and the battles of
12 Days
Leisurely, Tough

5-Day Kokoda Extreme Trek (OC-KKD)

 (OWERS’ CORNER- KOKODA) This Kokoda extreme trek is for the extremely fit who want to push their physical boundaries in completing the
5 Days