The Kokoda Trail Allures A Travelling Couple

The Kokoda Trail

The Kokoda Trail is most alluring on the minds of travellers looking for an adventure in Papua New Guinea. No less a luminary than Lilian who got to experience it with her partner Daniel.

Lilian said “I really enjoyed it. It was really different from everything else we’ve done. We’ve done a lot of hikes actually but this was definitely more difficult…but I really liked it a lot”.

Lilian and Daniel are from New York and are travelling the world. They’ve visited many countries and PNG was one of their stopovers to walk the Kokoda Trail.

Lillian and Daniel trek with Kokoda Trail Expeditions
Lillian and Daniel on the Kokoda Track

Their planned trip was almost cut short when they learnt they couldn’t be issued visa-on-arrival in Port Moresby. The PNG government imposed a suspension from 30th October – 30th November 2018 as a result of the APEC summit in the country.

But they should thank their lucky stars because they were able to obtain visas in the last minute with the help of consular and airline staff in Singapore. This made it possible for them to catch a flight with Air Niugini in to Port Moresby on 6th November 2018.

They arrived in PNG a few days late but our staff made sure they still met up with their guide and porters and made it on to the trail.

They enjoyed their time on the trek and were glad to have done it even though it was for a short time.

Lillian and Daniel on the Kokoda Trail
Lillian and Daniel having a great time in camp

“You read about it a lot but the scale of the mountains, the sheer upscale of it was really impressive as well, and I liked it a lot”, Daniel said.

The Kokoda Trail which cuts through 96 km of very dense jungle and rugged mountainous terrain was the scene of bitter fighting during the Second World War. Japanese forces landed on the north coast of Papua on 21st July 1942 and tried to capture Port Moresby by advancing overland. Australian soldiers and some Papuans fought hard to prevent the Japanese from reaching Port Moresby before driving them back over the Owen Stanley’s to Buna, Sanananda and Gona.

The terms Kokoda Trail and Kokoda Track are used interchangeably today as they have been in WW2. Kokoda Trail is used in the Australian Army battle honour, and memorials and plaques along the trail use both “trail’ and “track”.

Kokoda river crossing for Lilian and Daniel
Lillian and Daniel at a river crossing on the Kokoda Trail

Kokoda Trail Expeditions offers affordable Kokoda short treks for those who want to do it when visiting PNG. The treks are led by experienced guides and accompanied by friendly porters who’ll make your trip safe and very enjoyable.

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