Kokoda Trail Expeditions always ensures there’s plenty of food and fresh water for each member of our trekking groups. We use trail rations sourced from supermarkets in PNG that carry Australian and imported food supplies. We supplement those rations with tropical fruits and vegetables and potatoes where we can, including fresh pork if they are being sold by the locals along the track.

All three meals are included in trek and tour pricing including hotel meals at the Holiday Inn Express or Holiday Inn in Port Moresby depending on where you’re staying. Please note hotel meals includes breakfast only so dinner and lunch will be at your own expense. On the trail, the porters will carry all trek rations and help prepare your meals, so you can wash up, rest up and fully enjoy your meal.


There are designated water points along the Kokoda Trail where we will get natural mountain water from. This water must be purified using water purification tablets at all times. It is absolutely important that you drink enough water whilst trekking or touring with us. Drinking less water can result in dehydration, and too much water can increase the risk of Hypernatremia, which can be fatal. Our Guides and Porters will make sure that there is always ample water for the group, and we recommend that you drink as much as you can.

You must bring along water bottles or a hydration pack, to store your water in, so you continue to maintain a regular fluid intake. It’s recommended to drink at least 2 to 4 litres of water for each day of trekking.  Purchasing a container of Staminade or Gatorade powdered energy drink to mix with your water is a great way of keeping body electrolyte levels up. Staminade and Gatorade are also great as a guard against dehydration and any heat-related illnesses.


Breakfast: Cereals, biscuits, muesli bars, milk, tea, coffee, cappuccino, milk bar, sugar.
Lunch: Light lunch such as noodles, tuna, biscuits, damper, pastry plus hot chocolate.
Dinner: Full meals including choices of white rice, vegetables, tortellini mushroom and bacon, beef ravioli, noodles plus milk, tea, coffee, tea, mashed potatoes, curries and pizza.

We ensure you have a variety of different foods each day for your trek and tour. We complement trek meals with fresh tropical fruits, potatoes, vegetables, and at times, meat like smoked pork purchased from villages along the trail. Not only does this make our meals nutritious treat; it supports the economies of the local villages. Bring along extra cash if you want to buy extra fruit and vegetables from the villages.

Kokoda Trail Expeditions accommodates for special dietary requirements. Contact one of our Kokoda Trail specialists by phone (02) 8958 8813, 045 079 1314, or email.


It is a a good idea to bring extra snacks and nibbles on the trek and tour, like muesli bars, fruit bars, nuts, dried fruit, and lollies.  You can purchase this in Australia, or wherever you are coming from, but make sure you declare them to quarantine at the airport. Unless the food item is prohibited, you should have no problems bringing them into Papua New Guinea.

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