The Kokoda Track is a significant military history and pilgrimage destination for many tourists. The 96-kilometre section taken by modern day trekkers which cuts through the gigantic mountains of the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea, connects Owers’ Corner in the south with Kokoda in the north. Each year, between 3000 – 5000 people mainly Australians do Kokoda not just for the physical and mental challenge, but to remember those servicemen who fought and died in ferocious battles against the Imperial Japanese Army during the Kokoda Campaign in WW2. Australian casualties included 491 killed in action, 66 missing presumed killed, 67 died of wounds, and 1023 wounded in action, from fierce fighting at Awala, Wairopi, Oivi/Gorari, Kokoda, Deniki, Isurava, Eora Creek, Myola, Templeton’s Crossing, Brigade Hill, Maguli Range and Ioribaiwa.

On a Kokoda trek, you’ll literally find yourself trekking in the footsteps of Australian diggers, and experiencing periods of hot humid days, soaring temperatures, torrential rainfall, and bone-chilling nights as you negotiate steep ascents and descents, razorback ridges, deep gullies, and numerous log crossings bridging fast flowing rivers and creeks in an environment of daunting proportions. Kokoda is a rite of passage and provides trekkers with a sense of history, place, identity, and belonging. It’s a pilgrimage etched on the personal qualities of courage, endurance, mateship, and sacrifice. It’s a tour not for the faint-heated but for those who want to push their physical and mental boundaries and test their limits.

If you plan to trek Kokoda, you can choose from our Australian and PNG-led three to 12 day trekking and non-trekking tours that fit all age, fitness and interest levels. All our Kokoda treks follow the wartime track over the Owen Stanley Range with a few deviations in parts. Tours include battle sites and areas of military significance such as encampments, supply dumps, supply depots, and hospitals.

You can choose from a variety of Kokoda trail treks and tours conducted throughout the year. To book, see our tours page or contact us if you need more information.