The Top 5 Things You’ll See On The Kokoda Trail
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Thinking of doing the Kokoda Trail? Here’s 5 things you’ll see:

1: Famous battles sites

Along the 96 kilometre Kokoda Trail, you’ll see famous battle sites and areas of military significance from the Kokoda Campaign.  Many of these sites are riddled with war relics from the fighting in WW2.

Kokoda Campaign Trail


2: Kokoda village communities

Along Kokoda Track you’ll see beautiful village communities. These villages survive on subsistence farming and are inhabited by lovely locals.

Kokoda Track - villages


3: Tropical landscape

Gigantic mountains, impenetrable jungle, precipitous slopes, razorback ridges, muddy flats and fast flowing rivers.

 Experiencing the Kokoda Trail landscape first-hand really helps you to appreciate the logistical problems that the Australian forces had to endure.

Kokoda Trail experiences


4: Flora and fauna

Within the rugged landscape and jungle terrain, you’ll see a great variety of native, endangered and protected species.

Kokoda Trail experiences
Papuan Lorikeet (Charmosyna papou)


5: Amazing scenery

The Kokoda Trail landscape is a feast for the eyes, with breathtaking views and beautiful tropical weather on the Kokoda trek.

Kokoda Trail experiences


Kokoda Trail Expeditions offers regular treks and tours. All of our tours have very experienced Australian and/or Papua New Guinean guides to make your journey enjoyable, safe and unforgettable.

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