Transit hotel accommodation for all Kokoda Trail treks and tours is included in the cost for the start and end of your trip. You’ll spend two nights at the 4-star Holiday Inn Express or Holiday Inn in Port Moresby (you need to get into Papua New Guinea (PNG) a day before your trek / tour begins, and leave a day after it finishes). Your transit hotel accommodation is shared accommodation unless you want to have a single room to yourself for a small accommodation levy. Breakfast is included with your hotel accommodation except for lunch and dinner. Breakfast for very early departures will in the form of meals packs arranged and provided by the hotel. This must be picked up from the hotel reception a night before; if not on the day of your departure.

Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inn have most amenities including television, telephone, high speed internet and airport shuttle services. Both hotels also have storage rooms where you can secure your travelling bags with stuff you don’t need for the tour whilst you use your own backpack or hire one from us.

Kokokda Trail Treks, Campsite & Guesthouse Accommodation

You will spend some nights at village guesthouses and others at jungle campsites. Our porters will help setup your tent at these campsites, and arrange your bed at the guesthouses for the night. All campsites and guesthouses will have toilets, a fireplace, kitchen, and water for washing, cooking and drinking. You must purify your water before consumption.

The gear you bring with you needs to be suited to the tropical climate and weather conditions in Papua New Guinea (PNG). We recommend good clothing made of synthetic materials that’ll keep you cool when you start to sweat and work harder during your trek under very hot and humid weather conditions.


Accommodation and meals are included for other tours i.e. Kokoda, Gona, Sanananda, Buna, Tufi, Milne Bay and Rabaul. For Gona – Buna tours, you’ll be accommodated at Sanananda village guesthouse, Tufi at Tufi Resort, Milne Bay at Masurina Lodge, and Rabaul at Gazelle International Hotel, Kokopo.

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