5 Days
Physical Rating
Kokoda, Papua New Guinea, Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
February- November


Get off the beaten Kokoda Trail trek and explore beautiful Rabaul, once dubbed “The Pearl of the Pacific,” on this fantastic short tour. This volcanic province which hugs the “Ring of Fire” is famed for its vibrant mask culture and rich WW2 history. Rabaul was the first Australian territory to come under attack from the Japanese on 22 January 1942 which cost many lives.

Begin with historical insights into the Kokoda Trail battle with a trip to the famous Bomana War Cemetery, McDonald’s Corner and Owers’ Corner. At the finish, take a bus ride in air-conditioned comfor around Port Moresby city, and onto Port Moresby Nature Park to view many exotic and rare flora and fauna before returning to your hotel. Then at the crack of dawn, head for the airport with your bags to the radiant volcanic town of Rabaul.

In Rabaul, quickly check-in at your hotel in Kokopo town on your arrival then you’re off for a bit of sightseeing around Rabaul and the Matupit area. Catch a glimpse of the Mt Tavuvur volcano from a relatively safe distance, then view hot springs still spewing up steam from its hot molten magma. Around the volcanoe, you’ll also get to see how the locals farm megapode eggs incubated by wild fowls, a popular local delicacy. Take a stop on the way back to Kokopo at the Rabaul Volcanic Observatory to catch a glimpse of beautiful Simpson Harbour. After a night at the hotel, tour areas of military significance from the two world wars, which includes the Lark Force and Montivideo Maru memorials, Bitapaka war cemetery, Kokopo war museum, Japanese tunnels, and war installations before calling it a day. The second last day is spent to full measure with a bit more sightseeing, snorkelling and diving in the morning then you you’re off to the experience the famous Rabaul Mask Festival in the evening. You leave the next day for Port Moresby and on to the rest of your travels.

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 8:15 AM for a prompt departure at 8:30 AM.
RETURN TIME Approximately 6:30 PM.
WEAR Refer to Trip Essentials under Plan Your Trip

What’s Included

  • Bilingual Australian tour leader.
  • Experienced PNG tour guide.
  • Battle site and areas of military significance tours and commentaries.
  • Safety and security plan.
  • Daily safety and administrative briefs.
  • Medevac plan.
  • Pre-tour health and medical check plan.
  • Reliable mobile communications.
  • First aid support (trained attendant and complete kit).
  • Staff Reception and airport transfers in Port Moresby.
  • Transit hotel accommodation and breakfast in Port Moresby and Rabaul (Holiday Inn Express /Holiday Inn / Gazelle Hotel)
  • Domestic flights (Port Moresby-Rabaul-Port Moresby).
  • Road transport (Port Moresby – Owers’ Corner-Port Moresby, and Tokua – Kokopo – Rabaul – Kokopo – Tokua).
  • Wage, flights, hotel accommodation, meals and transport for guide.
  • Swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and local food tasting
  • Daily situational tour updates.
  • Daily social media updates and images.
  • Souvenir Kokoda Trail Expeditions t-shirt and cap.

What’s Not Included

  • Dinner at hotels.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Visa and passport costs.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Baggage cost.
  • Spending money.
  • Local museum fees.

Travel Prerequisites

  • Trip – book your trip by browsing through our list of tours on this site.
  • Travel itinerary – have a return international travel itinerary. If you’ve included flights with your booking, we’ll handle this for you.
  • Passport – have a valid passport; if not contact your local passport office for assistance.
  • Visa – PNG has visa on arrival for Australian tourists but you can apply here in Australian by lodging your application in person or by registered mail with the PNG consular offices in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane or Cairns. Countries other than Australia click this link to see if you have VOA.
  • Travel insurance – have travel insurance to cover you in case of an emergency. We highly recommend QBE’s Travel C plan otherwise go with a travel insurer who can cover you in PNG.
  • Medical – see your GP or family doctor for anti-malarial treatment and inoculations against cholrea, typhoid and hepatitis including booster shots like tetanus.
  • Diet – inform us if you have specific dietary requirements, for instance if you’re on a gluten-free diet.
  • Travel – email us copies of your travel documents i.e. passport (only front page that has your photo ID and pers details), completed medical form, travel insurance, and travel itinerary.

You can Contact Us if you need assistance.

Optional extras

  • International flights – to and from Moresby ex Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth or Darwin.
  • Accommodation – supplement for an extra night at the hotel in Port Moresby pre-tour or post tour.
  • Photos – capture your tour moments with photographs.
  • Photos & video – capture your tour moments with photos and a video.

Day 1: Port Moresby - Bomana War Cemetery – Owers’ Corner – Port Moresby (approx. 8 hours)


After a night at your hotel, begin with Port Moresby to commence your short tour. Grab your daypack with stuff you need for the day for the tour of Bomana War Cemetery, McDonald’s Corner, Owers’ Corner and Port Moresby. Bomana War Cemetery is the largest war cemetery in the Pacific with over 3000 burials. McDonald’s Corner, named after Australian war veteran and businessman Percy “PJ” McDonald, was the original road head of the Kokoda Track. Owers’ Corner, named after Captain Noel ‘Jerry’ Owers of the New Guinea Volunteer Rifles, is the terminus of the famous Kokoda trek. Noel was given the impossible task of surveying a road over the Owen Stanley Range but work stopped after the impossibility of the task was realised. After Owers, head back to tour areas of historical significance around Port Moresby then finish off at Port Moresby Nature Park. After time at the beautiful wildlife sanctuary and botanic garden, head back to your hotel for the night before your fight to Rabaul the next day.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch


Day 2: Port Moresby – Rabaul (Kokopo - Rabaul - Kokopo) (approx. 1.5 hours)

Pack your bags for the trip to the airport to catch your plane to Rabaul. You’re met on arrival at Tokua Airport and transported to your hotel in Kokopo. After you check-in and grab something to eat at lunch, take the trip by road to tour Rabaul town, Mt Tavurvur and the Matupit area. View the volcano still simmering with bellowing white wisp like smoke from a steam train then head over to have a look at hot springs and megapode egg farms. From there, return to Kokopo via the Rabaul Volcanic Observatory, for a birds eye view of the scenic Simpson Harbour.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch


Day 3: Bita Paka - Kokopo - Blue Lagoon - Karavia - Rabaul - Kokopo (approx. 8 hours)

Today is dedicated entirely to a military history tour of Rabaul under the guidance of your tour leader. After breakfast, set off by bus to tour areas of historical significance from WW1 and WW2. Begin at Bita Paka War Cemetery then head back to Kokopo before making your way to Blue Lagoon, Karavia and Rabaul. Bita Paka is the resting place of over 600 casualties from the first and second world wars. Kokopo has a war musuem while Blue Lagoon and Karavia still carries the scars of the fighting in WW2 with Japanese underground facilities and tunnels.  In Rabaul, visit a museum and a war bunker then drop by at the Lark Force, 2/22nd Battalion and Montevideo Maru memorial. After Rabaul, explore Namanula Hill, which housed the town’s colonial German administration under Governor Eduard Haber. From here, head back to Kokopo in time for a nice hot supper and some rest.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch


Day 4: Kokopo - Kabaira - Pigeon Island - Kabaira - Kokopo (whole day)

When in Rabaul, you have to experience what every traveller experiences!  – get off the beaten track and on your feet,  visit the local market, eat what the locals eat, and drink what they drink – and that’s exactly what you’ll do today. Grab your sunscreen and get in to your t-shirt, beach shorts and thongs for the trip to Kabaira Resort where we jump on the boat and bob off to Pigeon Island for some swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. After a postcard perfect day in the water, head for land and straight in to tasting and enjoying a mouth watering dish cooked out of heated stones called the airgir with a few drinks and an opportunity to really savour the local amber fluid with our meal before heading back to your hotel.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch


Day 5: Rabaul – Port Moresby (approx. 1 hour)

As all good things must come to end so today you pack your bags and say your goodbyes for your trip home.  Meet your hotel bus on arrival in Port Moresby to be transferred back to your hotel where you’ll spend the night before getting back home or continuing on with the rest of your travel.

Meals: Breakfast

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